Selection Rules


The Woman of the Year award pays tribute to an executive in the audiovisual industry. The criteria for selection is based on four pillars that represent the values of WAWA:

  • LEADERSHIP: Elevating our capabilities to enhance collective talent.
  • ETHICS: Representing positive human principles and values. 
  • DIVERSITY: Advocating for equality and equity among its members.
  • COMMITMENT: Building an industry of excellence.


The selection will be divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Nomination: Each active member can nominate someone they believe fulfills these four pillars. The three nominees with the majority of nominations will be selected. 

Stage 2: Final Voting: A second vote will be sent to the active members, with the three nominees from Stage 1 for the final vote by all the associates.



To ensure that the awards are presented with absolute transparency, the members of the Board of Directors, Committee Members or previous winners cannot be nominated.

All the voting process is anonymous and private for all our active members.

Giselle González

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2022

“I am very excited because it has been more than 20 years of a career that has become my DNA. I am thrilled, and I thank everyone who has opened the doors for me at a certain moment because that has brought me here.”

Giselle González Villarrué – Woman of the Year 2022

Cynthia Hudson

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2021

“For a long time, women have had to fight for recognition in this industry,
but we have shown that with our work and merits,
we can achieve everything we deserve.”

Cynthia Hudson – Woman of the Year 2021

Cecilia Galeana

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2020

“I have had many satisfactions throughout my career.
Televisa, my home, has allowed me to meet wonderful people like you.”

Cecilia Galeana – Woman of the Year 2020

Analida Lopez

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2019

“There are no essential products; there may be a boom for a series, but if prices are not reasonable, what we do is damage the industry. The goal is that everyone can win but in an equitable way.”

Analida Lopez – Woman of the Year 2019

Blanca Ponce

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2018

“This was very exciting for me. I did not expect it, but I’m happy. One more thing to thank God and life. I think the key is dedication and the excellent teachers I had in Diprom, where I worked for 31 years.”

Blanca Ponce – Woman of the Year 2018