Our Philosophy

Mission. Why do we exist

We are an association that exists to be an active collaborative network that reinforces the role of women and their development in the audiovisual industry.

Vision. Where do we want to go?

To be a meeting point that connects women in the audiovisual industry to share experiences and knowledge to strengthen and empower the role of women and their development in the industry.


1. Maintain active relationships, generating a network of collaborative contacts.

2. Create a space to share experiences and knowledge about our industry.

3. Reinforce and empower the role of women and their development as professionals.

4. Relax and enjoy good times together.

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Industry News

My apprenticeship at Wawa in the development of the Campaign against Gender Violence

Tati Peres, Pyntado Filmes, Brazil If someone told me what is happening today, until recently, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Not because I didn’t aspire to be among “the Wawa” and do such exciting work, but because I really couldn’t imagine it. I remember very clearly the details of the first encounters between those…

Emotional and professional significance closing cycles to transcend

Diana Figueroa, Visionnaire Communications We must begin recognizing that we are emotional before we are rational.  Emotional intelligence is essential to make the most of development opportunities. None of the emotion are dysfunctional, sadness, pain, anger, etc., but when it lasts longer than necessary then they block and make impossible continuity of learning and growth,…

PROFILE: Roxana Rotundo

Roxana Rotundo: Inspiration to overcome all obstacles If I could describe my sister Roxana Rotundo just in one sentence, it would be: Take the risk to overcome your limitations, believe that you can do it! Talking to my sister when she was leaving for MIPCOM in France, we realized that her first festival was in…