Our Philosophy

Mission. Why do we exist

We are an association that exists to be an active collaborative network that reinforces the role of women and their development in the audiovisual industry.

Vision. Where do we want to go?

To be a meeting point that connects women in the audiovisual industry to share experiences and knowledge to strengthen and empower the role of women and their development in the industry.


1. Maintain active relationships, generating a network of collaborative contacts.

2. Create a space to share experiences and knowledge about our industry.

3. Reinforce and empower the role of women and their development as professionals.

4. Relax and enjoy good times together.

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Industry News

Proactivas ante la adversidad

Aún cuando el mundo está atravesando una situación crítica que afecta a todas las industrias a causa de la progresión del Covid-19, la organización Worldwide Audiovisual Women´s Association  (WAWA) asume una posición proactiva convocando a su primera web conference para trazar los caminos a seguir y compartir ideas que se transformen en soluciones integrales tanto…

Video interview with Ana Barreto of Fox Telecolombia

In addition to offering audiovisual content production services, including feature films, documentaries, commercials and television, Fox Telecolombia has an infrastructure that includes studios, mobile units, post production and changing rooms, among other services. Among the company’s outstanding productions are The Bronx, Loving and Living and El general. In this interview with TV Latina, Ana Barreto,…

Lifetime and wawa enter into a strategic alliance to support the multiplatform initiative “Let’s play the same on the screen”

The campaign, launched in the framework of the celebration of International Women’s Day, seeks to reduce the statistics of inequality that exist between men and women in the film, television and advertising industries. Both Lifetime and WAWA seek to support and strengthen the role of women in front of and behind the screen.   LIFETIME…