Blanca Ponce

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2018

Wordwide Audiovisual Women Association, as part of their Mission and Vision, creates an award to recognize the knowledge of valuable Women of the industry. The “WAWA Woman of the Year Award. “ This year the award goes to our beloved and respected Blanca Ponce for her more that 40 years of exemplary and respectfull carrer in the audiovisual industry.

One of WAWA’s goals is to “Relax and enjoy good times together” wich gave the perfect excuse to organize a “Gala Dinner” wich in turn was the perfect setting for the Award.

A surprised and excited Blanca went to the stage to receive her award “…we as women have a double duty to work and to raise our families, both are an importan part of our lives, but never forget that family comes first…” Blanca Ponce.

“This was very exciting for me, I did not expect it, but I’m happy. One more thing to thank God and life.
I think the key is dedication and the excellent teachers I had in Diprom, where I worked for 31 years.” said Blanca.

She began in the industry in 1970 at Diprom distributor of film and television programs. Later on, she became an independent first-class content distributor for companies as Premium Media, Artear, as well as movies, formats and documentaries.

Everybody could see Blanca, at the markets aroud the world, walking and going through the stands and suites with so much energy and motivation, which sparked the admiration of buyers and sellers.

Leading women in the industry, such as Mary Ann Pasante, Miky, Ivcher and Moria McNamara, described Blanca as a great person and a hard worker, and pointed out that she was a great example to follow.

Blanca stressed that Worldwide Audiovisual Women Association has a very important role for women to come together. “… between all of us we have a lot of strength” she concluded.