Undoubtedly, this space created by women for women has become a fundamental tool to create collaboration and business ties among women who are part of the exciting industry of television and film. In this sense, this great women’s association will allow us to strengthen and show what various studies around the world confirm, which is, that organizations that count on women in leadership positions register not only higher returns of social capital and obtain higher valuations, they are also 15% to 30% more profitable (Noland, Moran & Kotschawar, 2016), with better financial results and more equitable.

For me it is great to belong to WAWA, because it is a key space for the positioning my company and the exchange of knowledge and experiences that strengthen the capacities of women from different parts of the world. It is a network that will allow us to create better corporate practices and new businesses. We hope that more and more women are part of this great initiative.