Glowstar Media

Silvana D’Angelo is a professional with more than 20 years in the international television industry and one of the references with more expertise in the different phases of the international content business.

Recently, Silvana launched its own company, Glowstar Media, after leading important international divisions of large producers and distributors such as Telefe International, where it was Head of Sales, positioning the Argentine Audiovisual Market as the 4th largest exporter of content in the world.

Among other outstanding achievements of his career, he has led the international sales divisions of major distribution companies and it is worth noting that he was responsible for the resounding expansion of the Argentine soap opera “Muñeca Brava”, to more than 80 countries around the world, fiction that opened the doors to Spanish content in many territories. After 10 years in that company, she was summoned by Dori Media Group for the start-up of its central Content Distribution offices, where she was in charge of the global marketing of cans and formats of the division, under the position of Director of Sales and International Marketing, including among its main achievements the successful sale of the productions “Lalola” and “Sos Mi Vida” worldwide. Subsequently, he led the international areas of two new companies that quickly positioned themselves with great force in the content market such as Flor Latina Group and Smilehood Media, solid umbrellas exporting content from independent producers and established authors.

Currently, he leads his own global audiovisual content management company, which includes, not only international marketing, but also the structuring of co-productions, customizing content with a view to the international market, marketing and marketing strategies, services comprehensive, and advice on all aspects of the international audiovisual business.