Ivonne Niño

TV Producer, nominated for the Emmy Kids Awards in 2020. With over 20 years of experience in several Latin American countries. I developed my profession in an independent manner as well as in big enterprises and multinational corporates. I know the keys to achieve a high standard of strategic planning from the development of the content, the casting, scouting, breakdown of activities, pre-production, shooting and post-production, which has led me to innovate and lead great productions such as De Brutas Nada, Rosario Tijeras 3, La Reina Soy Yo, Guerra de Ídolos, Comando Elite, La Niña, La Isla, Opa Popa Dupa, among others. I have managed budgets over $30M USD, assuring the accomplishment in time and cost determined.

I am an organized leader, proactive, creative, analytical, and a creator of a nice work environment where I skillfully resolve conflicts. I am a very good negotiator; I have experience hiring technical and artistic teams with a high performance in the entire region.