Holly Hines

Media, Brand & Sales Executive | Head of Network Development & International Studio | EP, Ginny & Georgia

With broad and deep expertise in every aspect of development and production in multiple genres, Holly has been a content buyer, seller, and producer for scripted and unscripted television and audio.

Holly is driving trends in content and changing lives by putting ‘vitamins in the ice cream,’ addressing powerful ideas like mental health, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ issues in content that feels engaging and fun. Holly has her finger on the pulse of what matters to audiences today and uses that to shape trends in content in a way that resonates and makes people feel seen and heard.

As a forward-facing business executive, Holly is known for creating unique concepts ranging from bespoke business models to new content verticals to exploitation of derivative rights. Her achievements include building a production company into a full-fledged network, expanding brands into multiple new financial opportunities, creating new business models that become mainstream, innovating new ways of telling stories, and finding unknown talent that becomes a household name.

Holly has served on advisory boards and a Board of Directors. She is a regular speaker at media industry events, including C21 in London and Los Angeles multiple times, panels at BANFF, and Screen Forever in Melbourne.

Holly most recently served as the Head of Network Development for Spotify Studios, where she was responsible for all scripted fiction and unscripted content on the platform with a global audience of over 248M monthly active users.

She was previously involved with Fortitude, Please Like Me, The Office, Tudors, Trading Spaces, Ugly Betty and Nashville Star.