Camila Mac Lennan

Latin American actress, announcer, executive producer and PR.

He trained in Buenos Aires with: Raúl Serrano, Débora Astrosky, Julio Chávez, Luis Indio Romero, Jorge Ahamendaburu, Mariana Percovich, CELCIT, among others. He works as a teacher in a particular way, being part of the acting training school Diez Talentos de Bruno Odar and Schooling Films, Peru. She studied theatre pedagogy at CELCIT and complemented her artistic career with studies in “Therapeutic care for people with disabilities”, (CPSA).

Today he is in the executive production, along with Indie and Ezzenario, of the films, Remember me, by Sebastián García, and Special Events by Percy Chumbe. He is a representative of Latin Quarter Entertainment, in sales, production and public relations, in Argentina.

She obtained the recognition for Best Actress for the “OFICIO CRÍTICO” 2009, Peru, for Cuatro historias de cama and for Esperando al General by Rubén Hernández Miranda, she received the NUEVA ESCENA AWARD 2017, Argentina, as “Best Supporting Actress” for her role as Felicitas, Teatro Luisa Vehil, Buenos Aires.

On television, she starred in the second part of the successful Peruvian series La Gran Sangre 2, against the Cursed Goddesses, impersonating Diana, the bloodthirsty leader of the famous gang of thieves and murderers with great success in the country and on various platforms. She participates in various productions for Argentina, Peru, Spain and Colombia. Highlights: JDV2, Simuladores, Tiempo Final, La Ramírez, Conversando con la Luna, Historias detrás de la muerte: Dora Mayer, Chapulín, el dulce, Kiebre, among others.

In CINE, she was awarded as Best Supporting Actress for the APRECI Awards (Peruvian Film Press Association) for her work in LA CASA ROSADA by Palito Ortega Matute, and nominated for Best Actress in the pre-selection of the PLATINUM AWARDS 2019. It is part of the award-winning MAGALLANES by Salvador del Solar, a film that competed in the GOYA AWARDS and the AWARDS PLATINUM 2016. She co-starred in VLADIMIR EN BUENOS AIRES by Diego Gachassin, for which she was nominated as a Female Revelation at the SILVER CONDOR AWARDS, 2003, Argentina. It is part of the great co-production of Peru, Argentina and Spain, UN MUNDO PARA JULIUS, based on the multi-awarded novel by Peruvian writer Alfredo Bryce Echenique, and directed by Rossana Díaz Costa, premiere on TVE and cinemas 2021/2022.

She is a member of WAWA, (Worldwide Audiovisual Women’S Association).

Finally, she is a Spanish and accent announcer, with more than one hundred advertising voiceovers and dubbing for Latin America and the world.