Analida Lopez

WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2019

Worldwide Audiovisual Women Association did it again and held a Dinner Gala to gave the recognition WAWA Woman of the Year Award 2019 to Analida Lopez. The Gala took place on the 24th of January at the Eden Rock Hotel, on Miami Beach.

Analida Lopez is an executive in charge of Evaluations and Acquisitions for the Albavisión Group – Panama. With 38 years in the industry.

Mrs. Lopez has a degree in Philosophy and Literature, with a specialization in Spanish, French and Italian literature. She was consul of Panama in Washington in the decade of the 80’s, before she switches her path to the media industry.

“There are no essential products, there may be a boom for a series, but if prices are not reasonable what we do
is damage the industry. The goal is that everyone can win but in an equitable way.”

Analida Lopez

Analida is a well known respected and experienced executive in the media industry. Her long and successful career started as Director of Acquisitions and Programming at Telemetro, Panama in 1981, which become Corporation Medcon the most important Panama’s media group until 2007. Mrs. Lopez was also the Director of Disney’s Panama radio.

Albavision Group has more than 45 TV Stations on 15 countries, consolidated relationships within different companies in the audiovisual industry such as Globo from Brazil, broadcasting some of their successful productions as Rock Story, Want without Limits, The Trap, The Party, Empire, and Precious Pearl.