Worldwide Audiovisual Women Association (WAWA), from its foundation, has been growing consistently, it proves the great convocation powers a group of united women with a great vision of our industry, can have. Now, WAWA has 400 associated women’s from all over the world


“…The moment to take our Association to the next level has arrived,
we are proud of our Non-Profit Organization.”


Said Liliam Hernandez and Cecilia Gomez de la Torre, founding members of WAWA


“… in addition we want to be more than a great networking association, we want to connect people to employers,
conduct business within us, use of the technological tools that we have today in order to grow onto innovate issues.
For that reason, WAWA needs leader women in our Industry to be part of its Board of Directors.”


Keeping its path WAWA’s founding Board of Directors, made a new Board of Director’s meeting at MIP TV on Sunday, April 7th, on that date Roxana Rotundo participated as an integral and fundamental part of the Board to lead these changes. The Board also confirms the addition of important executives of the Industry with have a recognized career coming from different countries.

This New and International Boar will be made up of: Liliam Hernandez, Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, Roxana Rotundo, Maria Bonaria Fois, Ana Cecilia Alvarado, Susana Umbert, Offra Elmkies, Emilia Nuccio, Maria Elena Paniza, Karina Martinez, Maria Elena Useche, Vanessa Velazquez in addition to Blanca Ponce y Analida López, reconized with the “WAWA Woman of the Year Award”, for 2018 and 2019 respectively. This new Board will collaborate with innovative and creative ideas that would generate concrete actions of business development and growth, as well as key activities to promote the role of women in the industry. This will be a year of challenges and big projects for WAWA.


Liliam Hernández

Cecilia Gómez de la Torre

Roxana Rotundo

Emilia Nuccio

Ana Cecilia Alvarado

María Elena Paniza

Vanessa Velázquez

María Bonaria Fois

Analida López

Susana Umbert