During the annual fair of content Natpe 2020, WAWA Association held an event to celebrate its fourth anniversary and discuss important issues related to the television field, as well as to promote the work that has been accomplished in recent months.

“We want to let people Know that our objective is to provide a platform on which to rely to strengthen ourselves to face the new challenges posed by the industry, and spread the news that we exist  for women who want  to join in”, said Roxana Rotundo member of the board of directors of the organization.

During this gathering the main topic of discussion was “How the new digital platforms have changed conventional television and what to do to innovate in this new decade.” Round tables to discuss these issues were assembled with important executives from the industry. Carmen Larios, from A&E Networks Latin America; Cynthia Hudson, from CNN en Español; and Grizelle de los Reyes from Miami Ad School from FIU presented their proposal in a pleasant Q&A conducted by prominent journalist María Elena Useche, a member of WAWA board of directors.