The Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association is a non-profit organization founded in January 2017. The notion emerged from the need to expand women’s professional networks and enable a space to share creative ideas.


Three amazing and devoted women came together to accomplish this; Liliam Hernández, Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, and Gema López. At the end of Natpe 2017, they gathered in Miami with seventy-five other attendees to celebrate the closing of another yet another successful market. Their idea was to initiate and foster an environment where women of the audiovisual industry could come together to help and motivate each other in business. They wasted no time, and three months later, these three empowered women met in Perú to create the Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association (WAWA).

From the words of Liliam Hernández herself, “I envision this association expanding throughout the world. We are from every country of the planet, and we travel and meet in different spaces. This association needs a name that brings everybody together.

In May 2017, they made an open invitation to women attending L.A. Screening, where they presented three logo prototypes to be voted and selected. That night, our multicolor sphere logo came to life and became the distinctive brand that unifies us today, representing the diversity and integration of all women.

From April through July of that same year Liliam, Cecilia and Gema worked non-stop to create the mission and vision of WAWA. They put together a sales pitch to raise funds and host the association’s first Gala. During Natpe 2018, the event materialized, and one hundred and eighteen women gathered to celebrate and recognize Blanca Ponce as “Women of the Year.” It was an unforgettable night filled with surprises, a great dinner, and refreshing ideas.

During L.A. Screening 2018, WAWA’s directors met again with about fifty attendees to reveal the mission, vision, and upcoming plans for the organization. At this point, WAWA was unstoppable as it had rolled the dice, and it’s fate was gaining ground.

The next stop was Mipcom 2018. Forty registered members met in Cannes to enjoy cheese, wine, and cocktails. Everybody exchanged ideas and viewpoints on how to expand WAWA’s mission. As more women joined the association, the need to build a stronger foundation became imperative, and they discussed plans for the next Gala. Resources were collected, and WAWA was on its way to another incredible event that would elevate the association to a new level. MipCacún then became the base market to plan this event, which occurred during Natpe 2019. A new group of women that joined WAWA during that year was later appointed to elect the next “Women of the Year.”

During MipCancún, all WAWA members worked hard finding sponsors to support the party. The day finally arrived in January of 2019, when a  beautiful celebration took place with the support of Susana Umbert from Latina TV, who produced part of the night’s entertainment.

The success of the event resulted in new members joining WAWA, who wanted to be part of such a significant organization, and in May of 2019 after LAScreening had concluded, WAWA created its first Board of Directors. This magnificant group of women were by Liliam Hernández, Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, Roxana Rotundo, Rosalind Rotundo, Vanessa Velazquez, María Elena Panisa, Susana Umbert, Ana Cecilia Alvarado, Maria Elena Useche, Maria Bonaria Fois, Emilia Nuncio, Analida López, amoug others.

Since then, this group of extraordinary women has worked to push the organization to the heights, creating events and committees where members have found new grounds for professional growth, networking, and personal fulfillment.

Today WAWA is actively working with a network of women across Latin American to produce it’s first Television Series. Additionally, WAWA has signed a cooperation agreement with Lifetime Network to create and promote Masterclass Webinars, composed of recognized talent from the entertainment arena. WAWA has also created what is now an accessible conversation space dubbed “The Open Mics,” consisting of executives from the industry discussing and answering questions about the future of the Television Industry.

WAWA is rapidly becoming an essential resource in the Hispanic audiovisual community. It is an organization that is growing through the dedicated efforts of its members, and it is connecting with other associations to expand its reach. You can also become a WAWA member, and we welcome you to join today!