“A business woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality.”
Donatella Versace



Our History

Mip Cancun of 2016 was the perfect scenario for a bachelor’s party. Where Lilian Hernadez and Gema Lopez from Universal Cinergia with Cecilia Gomez de la Torre from Tondero were the host of Ana Barreto’ bachelor’s party.

After the successful party organization, the three discover they had an amazing Synergy between them, they decided to use that energy and go one more step “…form a women association from our industry… we have a lot on common, we are in the same industry, we are multitasking, we share the same problems, we are women, we are mothers, we are daughters, we recognize one in each other, we should organized something more formal..

Furthermore, they have a successful example Roxana Rotundo from VIP 2000,  hosted several wonderful  get together during years. That was the moment they decided to join forces, call for a group of women and organized a Dinner during NAPTE 2017. It was a success 70 women from around the world attended the party.

Finally and without any doubt we believe in our motto, “we are strongher toghether.”


Our History

It all started in Cancun in November 2016, when a group of about 12 friends attending Mip Cancun met for Ana Barreto’s bachelorette party, a gathering organized by Liliam Hernandez, Gema Lopez and Cecilia Gomez de la Torre.

They asked that day : What would happen if we formed a women’s association? we all have a lot in common: work issues, knowledge of what we do, multitaskers. We are women, mothers, daughters, professionals. We recognize each other. Why not do something more formal?… For years, Roxana Rotundo of VIP organized dinners of women of the industry in L.A. Screenings, in which we all participated and they were very appreciated by all who attended, so why don’t we take this to another level.

Our first Dinner was at Natpe 2017, and it was a success!, nearly 70 women from the industry came together, not only from Latin American but from all over the world, after that we continue to grow , In the Galas Natpe 2018 and Natpe 2019 we gave our awards of Woman of the Year : honoring Blanca Ponce and Analida Lopez , two veterans of our industry .

Today our organization have more than 400 women , our goal is to make W.A.W.A. , our non profit . an association with employment opportunities, Networking , that empower the women’s role in the audiovisual industry. Finally and without any doubt we believe in our motto, “TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER”


We have been working tirelessly to make WAWA grow, gathering information to generate our website, making sure that we are present in social media as an informative medium, a meeting point, a collaboration, a tool to show our work, what we are passionate about.

Today, May 17 at the LA Screenings, we are proud to launch our web page, one year after creating WAWA.

Our History