Yescenia Navarro

My name is Yescenia an I was born and rise in Panama, Central America.  

Im a certify Public Accountant, and I studied a MBA, at USMA in Panama City. 

I worked for more than eight years in private banking, my last position being a Financial and Administrative Manager.  

Since 2005 I started my path in entrepreneurship negotiating the arrival in Panama of the “Curves” franchise, specialized gyms for women, developing the brand for five years and opening and managing four of the ten branches that operated in the country.

In 2009, and motivated by my involvement in the world of theater, I founded Top Line Events, initially, as a producer of artistic events through which I produced international theater and musicals.

As an executive producer, I have produced more than 23 artistic productions.

I have been a creative advisor and associate producer for TVN Media projects such as “Vive La Música” and the morning show “Buenos Días”.

In 2012 the company grows and ventures into experience marketing services, content creation, brand strategy, endo-marketing, trade marketing, corporate events and brand activations.

In 2018 I was part of the creative team of the Super Mamás Panama brand, an influence platform that seeks to empower moms in Panama, currently Im  part of the editorial board and blogger of its website.  This brand is own by Topline and is the biggest moms platform in Panama. 

During 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, we launched a new platform called “Buenos Sabores”,  that is an influence Multiplatform for those who loves food (mainly everyone)

Also last year, Topline was certified as a media agency by the main TV Networks in Panama, so now we are a all-in-one agency for our clients. 

Im a mom of 2 girls, I have being doing homeshcooling during Covid.  I love acting,  I have participated in more than 20 plays.

Additionally, together with my husband, I have invested in other companies with operations in the graphic arts, food and technology.

I currently work as General Manager of Topline Panama