J2911 MEDIA – Acquisition and worldwide distribution

“So that people can be positively impacted by what they are seeing”

Vivian was born in the United States and grew up in South America and earned a degree in Teaching with a specialization in English. She worked as a teacher in a couple of universities before moving to the United States.

When he returned to the United States in 2006, he was given a tremendous opportunity, when Rose-Marie Vega, a well-known and respected executive in the industry, offered him a job as his assistant in the International Distribution department of Alliance Atlantis (co-producer of the CSI brand) for Latin America
and US territories UU. Rose-Marie became her mentor and in 2007, when Rose Marie moved to HBO, she asked Vivian to join her in a new position, also allowing her to be in contact with clients from Spain and Portugal.

In mid-2011, Vivian began a new professional adventure with Echo Bridge Entertainment (EBE) in the International Division, reporting directly to Emilia Nuccio, President of the International EBE Division and former President of the Latin America division for BBC, who also became In your mentor. Vivian’s hard work and performance gave him the opportunity, after a couple of years, to expand his scope of responsibilities to the countries of Asia Pacific, as well as to some countries in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa.

The changes can be scary, but they are just new opportunities that appear in front of you: Take it now or you’ll regret it later!

In October 2014, after the international division of Echo Bridge was closed, Vivian decides to start J2911 Media (name taken from a promise in Jeremiah 29:11 “Because I know that the plans I have for you – denounce God – plan to prosper and not hurt you, plans to give you hope and a future “).

J2911 Media is an independent worldwide acquisition and distribution company, committed to providing positive content to viewers. As Director of Acquisition and Distribution worldwide, she was able to close several distribution agreements with producers and content owners from various parts of the world, ensuring the diversity and quality of her catalog.

Vivian loves spending time with his family and, of course, watching movies with his family is also part of the activities he likes to do in his spare time.