Vivian Prieto

I´m Vivian Prieto, the content and marketing director of TVN Media, one of the leading media companies in Panamá. I´m from Colombia, but I live in this lovely country since my husband was expatriate 4 years ago, the same time that I have been working with TVN.

My role in TVN is incredibly exiting, I run the programming team, the production team, the marketing team, the creative agency, the digital team, the Business Intelligence Team and the acquisitions team all of them working for two TV Brands, a OTT brand and a radio station…. What a great challenge!

Before entering TVN I spend almost 6 years in Caracol Televisión in Colombia, as the Marketing Director for TV and Radio. And prior to that, my career path was completely different, I was born and rase as a marketer in consumer goods, industry in witch I worked for 10 years and witch I thought was the best place to be; 10 years later I realize that there is no better place to do marketing than Media.

Besides my two TV brands in Panama, I have three other babies, a 7-year-old boy and a 2-year-old princess, a 9-year-old English bulldog and my husband, whom is like a big kid.

I´m a business administrator from a small business college in Colombia called CESA, and did an MBA in Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix. I love to sing, but my real passion is to analyze data, watch contents and produce marketing campaigns.

Thank you for the opportunity to join this great team!