Pioneer in the development of American television for the United States, Latin America and Europe.
She has an impressive list of industry contacts and is especially known for her determination and high production quality. He has integrated the production of projects, corporate clients such as Disney International, People magazine in Spanish, Bimbo, Pepsi and AOL among others, while his list of television channel clients includes Telemundo, Discovery Networks, A&E Networks, MGM, Galavision, Mega TV , V-me, Surprise!, And many more. Raquel has extensive training as an executive producer in companies such as Plural Entertainment, Zodiak Latino, Telemundo and has produced different types of television programs, formats such as reality shows, games, cooking programs among others and a deep understanding of all facets of the communication, specializing in co-productions and productions; Formats created for entertainment brand or entertainment brand and promotions. He has a successful career in establishing work teams, overcoming cultural differences and crossing language barriers. As a motivational leader, Raquel can be highly organized and efficient operations through active management and first-hand knowledge of training news, promotions and production personnel.