Myriam Ballesteros

Myriam Ballesteros has a degree in journalism and studied film, television and animation at New York University, BBC, EAVE, CARTOON and others. She has worked as both a producer and director. Myriam set up MB Producciones and IMIRA Entertainment where she directed cartoon series such as “LUCKY FRED”, “SANDRA FAIRYTALE DETECTIVE”, “LOLA& VIRGINIA” etc.., which have been sold in over a hundred countries and won awards at festivals such as CIFF, CARTOONS ON THE BAY etc…. Myriam also directed the short films “THE SUPER PADDY”, “THE LEGEND OF A BAD MAN”, “ MY BEST FRIEND” and “ CINDERELLA SWING. Myriam now concentrates on the production of the animation series “ANNIE&CAROLA” and “MASKED CINDERELLA” and her job as President of MIA WOMAN & ANIMATION