President and founder of Del Barrio Producciones
Michelle is the president and founder of Del Barrio Producciones, the largest television content production company in Peru.

As a television producer and director, she has received numerous awards. In different years, she has been chosen one of the most influential women of Peruvian television. She has produced and directed more than 40 soap operas (telenovelas) and mini-series, several of which were broadcast in numerous countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Michelle has also brought to the Peruvian television adaptations of foreign series such as Red Band Society (Pulseras Rojas) and Señores Papis with huge ratings. She is also the architect of some of the most successful stories of Peruvian television in recent years, where the protagonists are women who overcome a set of adversities such as the well-known folk singer Dina Paucar until her last production “En la Piel de Alicia” in which was discussed for the first time on national television the issue of rape and the struggle to find justice in a country considered one of the most dangerous in the world for women.