Marcio França Domingues

Managing Partner – Founder Omni E+ Consulting

For the past 15 years, I have served as Managing Partner for OmNi E+ Consulting, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

My execution of business plans and attention to financial KPIs has contributed to the growth of operations of my local and overseas clients.

From launching new services & products, monitoring financials/reporting to recruiting and mentoring top regional teams, I have been able to deliver results to companies such as Enoro Media (USA/Europe), KVP Ltd, (USA), Trilogik Empresarial (Brazil), Autostar Harley Davidson (Brazil), Kenner Calçados (Brazil), 20th Century Fox HE (Brazil and Latin America), Kinefon Films (Spain), ITV Global Studios (UK), Harley Davidson Licensees and Gianni Versace (Brasil/ Italy).

Prior, as the international media entertainment industry ascended in Brazil and Latin America, I focused on business development in the distribution, merchandising, licensing and marketing of children’s Television and Film properties. I launched titles for the BBC (UK), the Thunderbirds (original series), Li’L Pet Hospital, and introduced the globally renowned Teletubbies entertainment brand in Brazil, generating over US$ 35MM in content licensing and merchandising.

In short, senior executive/consultant with a proven track record for driving growth and profitability.
Solid record in entrepreneurial settings. Experience in Latin America and North America.

Specialties: Business Development, Brand Development, Financial Controls, and General Management.
-Transforming businesses through strategy development and focused execution.
-Expanding market share, launching new products and improving performance in-country operations.
-Attracting and mentoring talent to build high-performing teams.