Liliam Hernández

Universal Dubbing Cinergia / Universal Labs of America – President and CEO

Successful and recognized business woman with 38 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. Ms. Hernández is the president and CEO of Universal Cinergia Dubbing and Universal Labs of America. She earned a degree in Business Administration from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, in 1984. She began in 1980 at Video Labs, where she acquired most of his vast professional experience. There they were as general administrator and were in charge of the Customer Service division; This allows you to get the knowledge and love for the industry you have today. Later, in 1994, She founded Universal Labs of America, a post-production company that uses the latest cutting-edge technology. Together with Gema Lopez, She founded Universal Cinergia Dubbing in 2012, a company that offers language dubbing, subtitling, subtitles and language translation services to major international and world markets. Anyone who knows Liliam, knows their concern and customer orientation, to provide the best quality and the most competitive prices in the market.

email: l.hernandez@universalcinergia.com