Katherine Cardenas

Is a Peruvian producer and screenwriter with more than 25 years of experience in both press and fiction. He spent many years creating scripts for soap operas on America Producciones, Canal 13 and ATV. And always in search of better and deeper content, she trained as a counselor, logo therapist and Master in Systemic psychotherapy at the University of San Pau, Barcelona, ​​making narrative technique a means for each human being to be able to rewrite the script of his own story. He currently directs KAMI Productions, a company that produces fiction content, series, films, podcasts of scientific dissemination, the latter dedicated to the search for both physical and emotional well-being, from an approach to the neurosciences of well-being and neuroplasticity of the brain, which it guides us towards a more humane and compassionate mentality.

Katherine is currently linked to the creation of products that help the Spanish-speaking society to recover emotionally from the effects of Covid, to come out of this situation united and strengthened, as human beings and society, knowing that in the face of adversity we are capable The best version of ourselves will be displayed.