Julia Malucelli

Julia Malucelli is shareholder and board member of JMalucelli Group, a family business based in Brazil that includes more than 60 different companies. As second generation she had the privilege of working in the business for about 10 years gaining experiences in different areas such as finance sector, construction, energy, service center and communication. After being a director in JMalucelli Comunicações, a holding of 9 companies in the communication segment, Julia decided to step out of the executive position in the family business and focus in her passion being a social entrepreneur. In 2018 Julia wrote a child`s book and together with teachers developed an educational plan that is now being distributed in 20 different countries. Her main goal is to empower the next generation to make a difference and create a better future. In 2021 she decided to take a step forward and founded Julia Malucelli Produções and now is the executive producer of a 3D animation based on the story of her book. Julia holds a degree in Civil Engeneering, is a member of Young Investors Organization, is certified in Management by Columbia Business School and did executive programs in MIT and Oxford focused in Leadership and Impact Investing.