Ivonne Orozco

Tv and theatre actress with an integral approach.

She started to work in the media as a member or the cast of Cromosomos (2005) a tv show for children`s prime time.

Since then, she has worked on different tv productions like A corazón abierto (2010) Rcn tv, Tres Caines (2013) Rcn tv, also she was part of the cast of Francisco el matemático (2017) a known teen serie of Rcn tv.

In theatre she has worked with Teatro Nacional on child seasons and in the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogota.

She has formed in Misi musical theater company, Teatro Nacional in Colombia and abroad in New York Film Academy, Lee Strasberg in LA, and Cris Morena Group in Argentina.

She always focuses on opening up new horizons and living new experiences. 

Speaks english and italian.

At this time she has manager in Colombia and Argentina.

She believes firmly that we have all to achieve our dreams and objectives. She thinks that all is in taking risks, define the direction, have all the attitude, and go each time even further. If we put the whole heart in it and make a great work, surely we get all what we want.

Her life quote is ¨The best things happen only when you fight it with your heart.¨