Delia Ackerman

Delia Ackerman is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Lima, Perú. She is a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences at the University of Lima, a Fulbright Scholar and Master’s in Journalism from New York’s Columbia University. She has worked as a journalist for Caretas and América Televisión, collaborated on projects with Time Magazine and National Geographic, Discovery Channel. Her independent film productions include: Lord of Pachacamac (1993), about the connection between pre-Hispanic gods and modern Christian rituals; Medicine of Forgiveness (2001), a journey into the world of Don Benito, an ayahuasca healer from the Amazon; Hands of God (2004), an homage to Julio “Chocolate” Algendones, an internationally renowned percussionist considered the master of the Peruvian cajón; Returning to the Light (2008), about Holocaust survivors who began new lives in Perú; The King of the Desert is Dying (2008), about the Guarango, an endangered tree in the Peruvian desert that’s being cut down for charcoal. Mother Ocean (2011), about the ecological threats to the Peruvian Sea; Voices That Heal (2011), about a remarkable women shaman (healer) in the Amazon who bridges the ancient wisdom with the modern world; Wings of Life (2014) a visual poem from the perspective of the birds on how the hand of humanity is accelerating rates of extinction of entire species, yet we behave as if we have forgotten that nature is the source and support for all life, including ours.

Her last documentary, Hatun Phaqcha,The Healing Land explores the ancestral nutritional culture that still survives in Peru, and how its extraordinary biodiversity can be the source of health and healing for its population.