Ana Cecilia Alvarado

Vice President of International Business and New Talent

The promotion of Ecuadorian women is the brand of Ana Cecilia Alvarado Robles, as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry from her different spaces in her private and professional life, she has promoted the integral development of women.

From her current position as Vice President of International and Talent Businesses of Ecuavisa, the Guatemalan businesswoman has generated national and international series with the series “Letters of Women” and national productions such as “So We Are”, and “Sharon” the latest television series , an in-depth approach to the problem of women from home, professionally, and other spaces.

She was the creator of the department of export soap operas of Ecuavisa and a curator of different television formats such as “Complicities”, “Recipes for the soul” and “Thus we are”. This last program was developed to raise awareness about the diversity of Ecuadorian women’s thinking, and thus confront their fears and strengths.

Childhood and inheritance

Many remember a girl who went hand in hand with her father, the prestigious businessman Javier Alvarado Roca, owner of Ecuavisa, one of the leading channels in Ecuador. That is Ana Cecilia Alvarado Robles, who from a very young age attended the various events, L.A Screenings, NATPE, MIPTV, MIPCOM and that was how the taste for television was installed in it. He dedicated himself to independent production in the United States and explored sales and distribution. I create Recipes for the soul, a co-production between your company, Two World Media and MGM. “They were hard years with a baby in tow, – my son Juan Xavier, and the desire for a different television.”

After her secondary studies, Ana Cecilia decides on the production of Cinema and Television at the University of Syracuse, United States. That was the beginning of a career full of innovative projects that have marked a before and after in national audiovisual production.

Now their efforts are focused on making Ecuavisa an international production center, developing – together with its strategic partners new content, with stronger, agile stories that allow new audiences to be incorporated, obtaining a cross-platform product, ”he says. The executive.

“We are developing new projects in co-production with some allied companies in Argentina and Colombia. In addition, when I am in Guayaquil I enjoy with my parents and siblings and I am excited to work with my son Juan Xavier, who works in the Programming and Production Department of the channel. ”

Therefore, Ana Cecilia seeks to show her products and communicate that from Ecuador you can create new stories. “The idea is to create a content lab, a laboratory to receive ideas, so that companies with similar objectives, and perhaps also similar audiences, can talk and create a new product, a different story and risk producing, experimenting,” he reflects. .

Today Ecuavisa sells its productions to TV Azteca de México, and has in the short term the development of new productions with Telefe.
One of the issues that motivate her is the commitment to the gender vision where women in a society like ours suffer inequality and discrimination, and their contribution as an audiovisual industry entrepreneur is to raise awareness in the public about reality Everyday woman.

The essential difference is in evidencing the diversity of Ecuadorian women’s thinking, confronting their fears and their strengths. Speaking from ‘I feel’ before ‘I think’.

Another related social project was the program Somos Somos, Letters of Women. This project was very well received and one of many was that of the former president of Chile and current delegate for the UN Michelle Bachelet, which highlighted the initiative of the program Somos Somos with the Women’s Letters project where the situation of abuse could be revealed that many Ecuadorians still live.

Therefore, Ana Cecilia, committed herself to the United Nations Deputy General Secretariat in continuing to support Latin American women to raise their voice against abuse.

In 2018, Sharon, the sorceress is the last big bet on the original production of the Ecuadorian channel Ecuavisa, currently embarking on a process of boosting its original contents, both with in-house developments and through international alliances.
Beyond the passion for television, there is another passion.

Since she was little Ana Cecilia has been strong, creative and fearless. His childhood memories relate them to the family estate ‘La Paz’, where he grew up between the river breeze, the generous nature and the horses, which were his life partners.

– “I have a photo of me up to four months later on a horse, at the La Paz farm, where I went with my father almost every weekend and we traveled by barge. Of girl