Managing Director of Haymillian
Aida Martirosyan is Managing Director of Haymillian, a media localization company with operation teams in 20 countries, working in 64 languages. She has commenced her career as a translator and Quality Assurance specialist before moving to business development roles.
In 2007, she established Haymillian (formerly XLence), a company specializing in IT, hospitality and audiovisual translation. She has spearheaded the company’s journey for the last 11 years, growing it from a small translation agency to a global company with two distinct specialized units of translation and media localization. The media localization department which was added in 2010 specializes in subtitling, closed captioning and dubbing services.
Haymillian advocates for the rights of deaf and hard of hearing and is registered with DCMP. The company continues to expand across the globe. It is headquartered in London, UK, and has an 800-strong growing team of translators and subtitlers, while the central offices include Athens, Greece for Eastern Europe and Middle East, Montevideo, Uruguay for Latin America and Johannesburg, South Africa for Africa.